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Virtual Interview tips for the Event and Hospitality Industry and How to Stand Out
Virtual Interview Tips for the Event and Hospitality Industry

Virtual Interview tips for the Event and Hospitality Industry and How to Stand Out

Virtual interviews have become a common way for most employers to interview people. Here are some tips for how to stand out in your next interview. It is beneficial if you seek to expedite your hiring process or need hospitality staff or event staff very quickly. Though some candidates feel they don’t hold the interview as well as they would a face-to-face experience, it’s better than traveling from one place to another, mainly if you live in a metropolitan area. This interviewing method is different from the face-to-face interview used in the past. But still, most people feel nervous when conducting such interviews from their computers.

The pros and cons of virtual interviews

Virtual interviews are types of interviews held online when the two parties communicate using video communication software like skype, MS Teams, Google, or other two-way video communication methods. Most companies use this type of interview to hire job seekers in this new digital era. Below are the pros and cons you need to know before conducting such an interview.

The pros of virtual interviews

  • Its saves time and money from traveling to and from a potential employer.
  • With this way of the interview, the employer can familiarize herself with you before coming for a face-to-face meeting.
  • It’s very efficient for both parties

The cons of virtual interviews

  • You need to have access to a good internet connection to conduct the interview
  • Some people find it hard to communicate using a computer and end up being nervous
  • Connectivity issues can cause unexpected anxiety or poor results

Below are tips you can put in place to stand out when interviewed for a potential Hospitality or Event job:

Look directly at the webcam

Try to use a computer rather than your cell phone when doing virtual interviews. It looks professional and more stable. Also, make sure that your eye level with the interviewer is the same. You can use books and stack them together to achieve that eye level; this will give you a sense of confidence and improve the virtual experience for both you and the interviewer. And also, be sure to focus on the webcam because, in most cases, the people interviewed tend to look at themselves, forgetting that they need to look at it. Not focusing on the webcam can make you lose focus on the interview with an employer.

Declutter your background

Try to declutter any unnecessary things in the room to make it look tidy; you don’t want to distract the employer from continuing with the interview because they are distracted by something in the background. Try to place your laptop/camera in a space with a plain wall behind you.

Conduct virtual interviews in the best possible light

When it comes to lightning, try to sit in front of a window to get natural lighting. Because most people don’t consider this, they may end up sitting in a dark room that is not favorable for an interview, which is a red flag. Lightning is the key here. Make sure the lightning comes at your face so that it can illuminate your look together with the background around you. Avoid bright lights from lampshades that can be so harsh on you and may not give a good impression of your natural face. So try to avoid that.

Apply makeup like it’s date night

The camera can be cruel, so be sure to offset this with a bit of foundation and some blush. If the lighting is off, it can make you look tired and overworked. In the Event and Hospitality industry, our appearance is so important. We are front-facing with clients all day, and it is essential to show our bright, cheerful, and polished faces to potential employers.

Dress for the job

Most of the time, when you are in a webcam call, what the employer will see is your chest going up. Dress the part the way you would dress when working a gig, if it’s black and whites, a bowtie, an apron, or a tuxedo top. Showing the employer that you have the equipment and are ready to work will go a long way in securing an opportunity.

Don’t let technology glitches stress you out

Test your equipment first. You can call one of your friends and test and eliminate any issues that can occur before the scheduled interview. If there are issues, whether it’s your end or the employers, don’t stress. Show them you can handle pressure with ease.

Get to know the company

Always research the company for which you are interviewing. Learning a few things about the type of clients they serve will help you answer any questions they may ask you about protocol or training—a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your unique talents and skills in the Event and Hospitality industry.

Virtual Interview etiquette  

Stay calm if the interviewer is late. Allow about 5 to 10 minutes, and don’t lose your cool. Try to give them time. You never know what happened,  the laptop might have crashed, and they could not access and be in the interview. On the flip side, don’t burn your bridges. If you changed your mind, found an opportunity elsewhere, or something comes up, send them an email to cancel or reschedule. The courtesy goes both ways.

The Bottom Line

In this digital era, virtual interviews have become the best practice for Event and Hospitality Staffing.

This type of interview has pros and cons, but it’s so helpful because you can apply for gigs at multiple locations anytime. Last but not least, preparing for such an interview should not be something difficult to do. These tips will help you to be successful in your interview and get the gig job of your dream.

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