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Mandatory COVID Safe QR-code check in and check out at all indoor venues

Today, more than ever, we need to ensure our attendees feel safe and are comfortable within the venue environment.  Event safety must be a top priority, from the onset of the big day to managing networking and peer groups. Today’s technology tools have a variety of solutions and applications to help ensure your event is a safety success.

Here are some examples of how technology can help at your next event.

Health Screening and Vaccine Verification for your Event

Event safety protocols include health screening and verification at check-ins. Utilizing apps and solutions to manage the process can save time and money. Consider presenting attendees with your event code of conduct which requires a digital signature during check-in.

Contactless Check-in during Events

Your attendees can be checked in quickly at a safe distance; an app can perform this task and more, including offering program information, links to other news, welcome messages, and updates. Using solution-based access controls during check-in will help with contact tracing.

Event Safety Social Distancing

Today’s intelligent apps can regulate the flow of physical distance by creating virtual wait lines and geo-fencing. You can also enable virtual networking via text messages and introductions.

Manage Vendor and Volunteers for optimal Event Safety

Entrance control programs and mobile applications control access to your event with staff and vendor check-in and ensure only authorized persons are on-site. Easily monitor daily check-ins for multi-day events. Digitally track mask usage and replacement (every 8 hours) for your event staff.

Looking for an Event Staffing Company focused on safety?

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